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Youtube iframe prevents scroll


  • Kenan Soylu started the conversation


    Thanks for this amazing template, it's a pleasure working with it.

    I want to embed a Youtube video into the page I've provided. The page doesn't scroll when the mouse is over the video. This also happens on mobile when the page is being dragged on the video.

    Setting "pointer-events: none" enabled scroll but disables interactivity with the video.

    The last option is to host the video on another platform and use the provided "video-link" class, but I'd prefer if I could still embed Youtube videos somehow.


    Attached files:  2022-07-27 21-30-17.mkv

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    Patrick replied


    If you have smooth scroll activated, you can not scroll over an iframe because there is another html/body content which is not related with your website

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    Patrick replied

    We recommend to put your video inside a lightbox cover image. Please see this page:


    Click on image nr 2